Charlie really does not approve of this Baby Thing we brought home. I've caught him, more than once, giving me a look of deepest disdain when I'm playing with her. The first time, I was being all gooey and telling her how wonderful was and I think it was more than he could handle. Today, Lila was playing in the floor, making her squealing noises and I was doing it in return. I glanced at Charlie and saw him giving me a look that clearly said, "Please, Mother, don't encourage her!" Poor Charlie... :)

Well, I've been some amount of sick for most of the week. It started with just a sore throat on Tuesday and by Wednesday I was full-on sick. Body aches, head that weighed 100 lbs., etc. Sadly, this has been the Mother of all Stressful Weeks for Doug at work (he didn't make it home on wednesday night until nearly midnight!), so he couldn't come home and help out. I felt a lot better yesterday and a little worse today. I think it's allergy problems. Who knows... Why must I be allergic to *grass*?!? That's not something you can just move to a new area and avoid. Unless the new area we moved to were a desert! And I don't think THAT would be worth it.

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