Well, I have photos from the wedding weekend that I'm going to post (a few now, a few later when our USB cable comes home). Unfortunately, they are few and of questionable quality. It was hard to get good photos at the rehearsal because it was dark, but the flash didn't help much unless it was a close-up shot. I tried using no flash and it helped, but only if my hand was steady and the people weren't moving.

There are no photos from the wedding itself because... *sigh* ...I was ten minutes late to my own brother-in-law's wedding. I THOUGHT IT STARTED AT SIX, BUT IT WAS AT FIVE! If I hadn't been trying to get there early to help out with last-minute things, I would have missed it altogether. I felt so bad that I cried! Anyway, once the wedding had started it would have been obnoxiously loud for me to open the camera case to get the camera out. Then I tried taking some photos after the wedding, but the batteries (both of them) were almost dead. So we got just a few shots from the reception. Nuts!

Anyway, that's the story on the photos.

The other interesting news is that I went back to the sleep specialist yesterday and apparently I have Periodic Limb Movement/Restless Leg Syndrome. I wake myself up with leg movements about 8 times per hour!

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