I have new conditioner that smells like Jester dormitory! It's not a bad thing, just kind of strange. If you've never been inside Jester, then you won't really understand. It's not like I just remember what the dorm smells like, but I put the conditioner on my head for the first time and the aroma surrounded me and I thought, "Hey, this smells like Jester dorm!" Weird, man, weird.

I also have new deodorant that smells like insect repellant. Actually, it smells like tea tree oil, but it's a similar smell. It's all natural stuff and it really works very well! And, thankfully, it doesn't smell like insect repellant once it dries.

And furthermore, I just participated in a survey with a mouthful of toothpaste. I got a phone call that was an automated 45 second political survey. Unfortunately, I had a mouth full of toothpaste when I answered the phone (i thought it would be a person that i could ask to wait). I still participated in the survey - I was just a bit muffled.

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