Most of you don't know Mitch Markow (in fact, i doubt that anyone reading this, other than doug, knows him), but please pray for him and his family. Mitch is a coworker and friend of Doug's (used to be his manager/ director). He had an accident this weekend and is still in this hospital. Here's the update I got on exactly what happened:

Mitch was cutting brush with his tractor, ran across a sapling that went under the tractor and impaled his groin area. He did have his cell phone with him and was able to phone the house for help. He was life-flighted to Breckenridge Hospital yesterday evening where he underwent 5 hrs of intense surgery.

He is still in ICU in stable condition. Mitch lost 13 pints of blood, he is not conscious, he is breathing on his own, his skin color is coming back, and his heart rate/blood pressure is coming down. His doctors will continue to keep him sedated for the next 24-48 hrs. The next 24 hours are the most critical.

Please keep Mitch, his wife Helen, and their children in your prayers.

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