Hello everyone! Here's today's Mitch update:

Mitch is making a miraculous recovery. He's talking, been moved out of ICU, taken a few steps, and he's even talking about work!! Thanks for all your prayers and support!

Doug and I were in Dallas this weekend and we went to Medieval Times on Saturday evening. It was fun! I wore a dress and heals and felt severely over-dressed. Although, I don't think I would have felt apporpriately dressed unless I'd been wearing Medieval type clothing.

Anyway, the food was wonderful. Vegetable soup, garlic bread, roasted chicken (1/2 a chicken!), half a garlic roasted potato, (one) delicious spare rib, soda, coffee, and a yummy apple something or other pastry! It was messy business with no eating utensils, but that was fun too!

I did expect the entertainment to be slightly more realistic, but it was still fun. :)

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