I just pulled the most hideous creature I have ever seen out of my bathroom sink. It didn't have eyes or legs, but I'm positive that, on some level, it was alive. [shudder]

My sink has been draining more and more slowly for a while now and I knew why, but I was avoiding the issue. For reasons I do not understand, my sink ends up with a disproportionate amount of hair in it. And this hair ends up going down the drain. Or rather, just far enough past the sink stopper that it cannot be seen. This is where it builds its nest and begins to breed. I finally could not come up with any further excuses for not dealing with the beast, so I did. I cannot describe to you the disgusting nature of this job. I can tell you that I was on the verge of throwing up the entire time and I feel that I should now be allowed to retire from cleaning bathrooms for the rest of my life.

I am not, however, exempt from laundry. So I'd better go finish it.

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Anonymous said...

angela - whoa - that does sound creepy (what you pulled from the sink) gross. You might want to put a hair catcher thing on the sink. Eben had decided she would no longer clean her back so she started growing dreadlocks. I thought they were too gross so now she is a skinhead - well her back is atleast. I gave her a little haircut :0) She looks stupid and she knows it but atleast she's not all nappy. Ryanne just sits all day and laughs at eben. ha-ha.

Oh - the keith/megan pics look good. If you'd like me to try and tweak them in photoshop to lighten up the dark pics I can. Little compact cameras with flashes, the flash only works within 10-15feet. Later