Not much to say today. I can give you a kitty story. Cordelia especially has been a nut this afternoon. First, she *helped* me put clean sheets on the guest bed. Her job, while I am putting sheets on the bed and trying to get them even and tuck them in, is to run around on the bed and attack the "orbs" that have gotten under the sheets. (Charlie also helps sometimes, he helps by laying in the middle of the bed like a very large rock so that I have to make the bed over him)

Personally, I'd prefer to just let sleeping "orbs" lie (is that right? should it be lay?), but Cordy is a purist. No "orbs" in her beds! I even gave up and left the room for a few minutes so she'd get bored and go away. After I left the room, she whined at me to come back and then gave up and left. Unfortunately, when I went back to it, she came back too. Oh well!

A few minutes ago, while I was brushing them, she apparently decided that the brush was being extremely aggressive. I had to give her my hand to chew on so that I could finish brushing. Oy.

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