Well, first of all, I have no new information on Mitch. I trust that he's still in ICU, slowly recovering. I'll let you know if I hear anything.

If any of you have not seen the movie Anchorman, and you are a fan of random and strange humor, I *highly* recommend seeing it. Doug and I went on Sunday evening and it was great! The whole theater was laughing through the entire movie. When it was over, I thought I was going to cry it was so funny. If you have seen this movie and you didn't think it was that great and you now think I'm a dork... um, okay.

My cousin, Meredith, graduated from Texas State on Saturday. Hooray Meredith! We went down for the graduation (which was at 9:30 a.m. on a saturday - what's up with that?!) and went out for lunch with the fam afterward. It was quite fun. I had a hard time not yelling Hook'em or something equally obnoxious during the playing of their school song though. I think my school spirit grows with every year that I'm out of college.

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