Hello all! Well, it was a fun weekend, but now it's Monday. Not that Mondays are bad... they just aren't weekends. :) Doug and I went and saw Richard Buckner at the Cactus Cafe on Saturday. I was fachinated by him for the first couple of songs. He's a very interesting looking fellow. I finally decided he looks like the giant, rebel son of Randy Travis and an Oompa Loompa. You can find pictures of him at www.richardbuckner.com, but you'd have to see him live to understand. And his hair is longer now and dyed black. If you don't know or just don't remember what Oompa Loompas look like, go to www.oompa-loompas.net.

Anyway, the music was interesting too. I really liked it for a while. After a few songs, his 'experimental' use of the EBow (ask a guitar player) started getting to me. It was an enjoyable evening though and it was the first time either of us had been to the Cactus Cafe. In case you've never been there and you make assumptions based on names, like I do, it is not a cafe. :)

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