Sometimes my children seem like normal and delightful humans, destined for a bright future.

At other times, they seem like deranged clowns, intent on destroying my sanity.

Case in point:

Eli recently came into possession of a Jack in the Box Christmas tree ornament. It's just a Jack head, wearing a hat. Cute, but destined to be another piece of discarded plastic, cluttering up the house.

For a few days, he's been hanging it in various places around the house and yard. He seems fascinated by how long it does or does not stay hanging and what happens to it while in that position. On the way home from the grocery store today, he had me hang it from the ceiling of the minivan.

Then I got to listen to a play-by-play description of the motions caused by the movement of the car:

"He's nodding yes. . . .
Now he's nodding no. . . .
Now he's dancing. . . .
Now he's swinging. . . .
Now he's dancing again. . . .
Now he's nodding no. . . ."

I really don't know how long that went on because I eventually disappeared inside myself and let one of my alternate personalities take control of the driving. I do know that I had a splitting headache by the time we got home.

(On the plus side, the effects of my medication change are fading, day by day. I had more motivation today than I've had in two weeks. Tomorrow's homeschool day will be a good test of how close I am to being leveled out. Hopefully the extreme irritability will not resurface!)

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