I was just sitting on my bed, reading a book. That's a shockingly difficult thing to do in the same room as children. They don't seem to understand that you can't read and listen to their constant narration of life at the same time. I swear I spent five minutes trying to read one short paragraph.

Anyway, I was sitting there, reading, and Eli climbed up next to me. Naked, and fresh out of the bath, mind you. He buried his head in my gut and said, "New Braunfels is in your belly button."

You really just never know what's going to come out of that boy's mouth.

Now, Doug and the kids are taking a walk/bike ride to the mail box, which I usually love to do, but it's chilly out there and I'm tired. It has been a great, but very long, day and I'm finally making myself the cup of coffee that I wanted five hours ago, but didn't have time for.

I went to BodyPump this morning. It was great! I hated it, and I'll be back there next week, hating it again.

Next, I went to the dentist. I got an A+ for taking care of my teeth. The hygienist said it was the cleanest mouth she'd seen all week. Of course, they also said I have the beginnings of a cavity between two of my teeth. If it gets worse, I'll be looking at my first-ever filling. Boo!

After that, I read The Sneeches to Eli's Pre-K class. After forgetting I'd signed up to do that last week, I rescheduled for today. Then I talked about it, out loud, every day, just to make sure it stayed in my brain. I wrote it on the calendar too, but that obviously didn't help last week!

This afternoon was the Defender Dash. Eli ran with the 3:10 group and Lila ran with the 4:10 group. I've never seen such stamina and perseverance from Eli! He was a compact little running machine! He worked hard and really enjoyed himself!

Lila, just like last year, approached it as more of an afternoon stroll. She did jog a few laps, but mostly walked. At one point, she and two of her friends were walking in a row, all holding hands. I love how different the two of them are! And I'm proud of both of them.

Once everyone had finished up and collected their nifty Defender Dash water bottles, we took them to Toastie's Sub Shop for an early dinner. They were both very excited about that and I don't think I've ever seen them eat so much food! The exercise did them good!

And now, as I mentioned, the kids have had their bath and I am finally sitting down.

Yesterday was terrible. Today was great. Tomorrow, I'm just hoping for normal!

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