Lila brought home a partially completed story that she's working on at school and it's too good not to share (complete with spelling errors)!

"One day I was jumping in a volcano! It was a good thing I was wering safty gear becas I went all the way to magma. it was hot! I was amased at the site of magma. It was cool. I loved it! It was so awsom I did not want to go. It was geting shaky. I knew it was time to go. I took one last look at it. I ran as fast as I could. Running made me tired so I stoped to eat some chocolate. Then I ran all--"

That's where it ends, rather abruptly. I can't wait to find out what happens next!

Or maybe that's where it ended because the magma caught up to her while she was stopping to eat chocolate...

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Susan Jordan said...

Nah! If the magma had caught up with her she wouldn't be around to write the story. Besides, chocolate has amazing properties we, as adults, tend to forget.