"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." -- Jim Elliot

Snuggled up with a kitty, reading a book about fairies.
That's my girl!
I'm so tired this evening that I just found myself sitting and staring at my computer, with my mouth hanging open. Although, the "mouth hanging open" part has more to do with the guinea-pig-hay-induced sneezing fit that I just had, than with fatigue.

Gypsy gets a clean cage. I get to spend 30 minutes blowing my nose. Seems fair. [sarcasm]

Today, while very busy, was also nice. Lila's music class performed during the Second Trimester Fine Arts Salon. It was super sweet and I got a little weepy.

I was chatting with her music teacher beforehand, explaining that my early arrival this year was to make darn sure we didn't miss the performance, like we did last year. She took the opportunity to tell me how much she enjoys having Lila in her class.

She said Lila is always fully present, pays attention, sings without reserve, and has a sweet spirit. Those are all wonderful things for a mommy to hear about her baby.

Especially since Lila's been having such a rough week at home! She's been completely off her rocker since Monday, and it started the morning after she had dairy after several weeks of being off of it. Coincidence? We'll see.

This is the level of crazy and tired that we used to see from her on a regular basis. She had gotten much better though, since we started seeing the naturopath. She got several doses of silica, a homeopathic remedy that helps balance the whole body.

We quickly saw an improvement in energy and mood; an improvement that continued once we took her off all dairy. That was an experiment to see if she's allergic to it. It's looking like she might be. I could go into more detail, but I really don't feel like it.

At any rate, the salon was delightful and I got to hear sweet things about my daughter.

It didn't make sense to go home between the salon and picking Eli up, so I just went to the on-campus coffee shop and read my book while I waited. It was a welcome moment of calm in the middle of the busyness.

Unfortunately, I now have to admit that I've become a Coffee Snob. The acceptance came after I ordered a cup of coffee at the shop and only drank about 10% of it. I have reached the point where I can only be fully satisfied by a cup of coffee if it's French Press (medium to dark roast) (served black).

I like to amuse no one but myself by saying, "I take my coffee like I take my men... handsome and intelligent."

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