We stopped by the mailbox on our way home from dinner tonight.

Doug: Do you need the key from my key chain?
Me: I don't have my keys with me, so...
Doug: . . . So you need the key from my key chain.
Me: That's what I said!
Doug: [exasperated] Why do you have to answer questions like a woman?!?

Now Doug is trying to put the kids to bed, after they ate candy on the way home. That seems like fitting punishment for such an offensive comment. As I type this, I can hear the kids doing spirited renditions of 'Everything is Awesome!'

He doesn't look like a jerk, does he?
(Photo taken before Daddy Daughter Dance)

On the plus side, today we went to the IMAX theater, the Texas State History Museum, the Texas State Capitol, and a birthday dinner (for Grammie) with grandparents and cousins. So they should not have any trouble falling asleep, time change or no time change!

They had better sleep well, too, because we're headed to the San Marcos outlets and then the San Antonio Zoo tomorrow. Our plan for Spring Break, apparently, is to reach such a complete level of exhaustion that everyone begs to go back to school and work!

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