Nightingales sing,
In time of Spring.
  -- The New England Primer

I am so tired of Winter. We haven't had the crazy snow storms or the 100-car pile-ups. The temperature has not dropped below 0 degrees. I know... but I don't care that other people have had worse winters than us.

I'm over it. I'm ready for the brief, but blissfully perfect, Central Texas Spring. I want to see wildflowers. I want to walk from my car to a building without any part of my body freezing along the way.

I want my children's insistence on wearing shorts/skirts, t-shirts, flip-flops, and no jacket to be seasonally appropriate, so people will stop looking at me like I'm a terrible person!

As far as I'm concerned, Winter should immediately give way to Spring on March 1st.

Peanut Butter Face and Beautiful Brown Eyes
A few other random things:

* A few days ago, I got Eli out of the bath and dried him off. I left him to get dressed, while I went downstairs. Several minutes later, I found him in the kitchen - completely naked. Then...

Me: Eli! You aren't supposed to come downstairs until you've got your clothes on!
Eli: Aaah! I forgot about getting dressed! . . . I thought I was a naked rock star!

* I feel (rather strongly) that bringing a Tempurpedic memory foam pillow to a pillow fight is cheating. Everyone else in my house disagrees. Somebody back me up here!

* I wore full make-up today, for the first time since we took family photos at Thanksgiving. At church, Lila was staring bemusedly at my face and said, "Mom... why are your lips kind of pink?"

* Earlier this week, in the span of two hours: I tripped over a box in my closet and fell down, tripped and fell while climbing the stairs and spilled a cup of peanuts all over, slipped on Lila's bed canopy and fell down, and hurt my hand through some manner of random flailing. I think I need adult supervision.

* I finally finished reading The Count of Monte Cristo and have since moved on to The Memory Keeper's Daughter. The former was, undeniably, good literature. The latter is, undeniably, an easier read. It is also destined to make me cry.

* We've been working, for a couple of months now, to fatten Cordelia back up after she lost so much weight with her heart problem. Now our other cat, Cookie, has been put on a diet. This ought to be interesting.

I think that's all I've got for now...


Anonymous said...

bringing a tempurpedic to a pillow fight is like putting a rock in a snowball!

Susan Jordan said...

I guarantee it will make you cry, but it's worth it.