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So, the movie that I saw on Friday was Disturbia. I didn't dislike it, but I didn't like it either. It's categorized as a Thriller, but it really wasn't that thrilling. For most of the movie, it was more like a comedy (and parts of it really were quite funny). It did get kind of suspenseful toward the end, but relied more on dead and decaying bodies than on plot for the Creep Factor.

I actually think that the tag line - "Every killer lives next door to someone." - is more scary than the movie itself. I suppose part of the problem is that this was a teen movie and I am no longer a teen. If you want to watch a movie about murderous neighbors, go for The Burbs. It doesn't pretend to be anything other than a great comedy and it's still slightly creepy!

My conclusion: This movie doesn't suck, but I don't recommend it. Don't see it in the theater and only rent it if you have a coupon and very low expectations.

To change the subject entirely, here's more from my Women's Retreat weekend. These are my notes from the seminar on Courageous Parenting (they get a little sparse toward the end because we ran out of time and had to rush through the last topic)...

There is a battle going on in the world. The leading cause of death among teenagers is suicide. [Four] things we can do to help our kids fight this battle:

Courageous Blessing -> Ephesians 3:14-19 - This is something we can pray for our children. Encouragement helps our children not be led astray. [Note to self: Henry Cloud - look up.] Your kids need to know that wherever they are, they do not need to feel alone. Speak a blessing to them out loud. "Your name means _____, and I know you are going to live that out. I can't wait to see..." Bless them with some kind of identity. When they hear you talk to God about them, it builds them up. Try to be specific.

Courageous Training -> We need to help our kids discern truth from lie. World views are basically established by age 12. As you make decisions, you are teaching them to process issues. They have to hear our processing. Sometimes doing this helps you. Use commercials to learn culture's lies.

Courageous Correction -> Soft on the person, hard on the issue. "I understand how hard it is to wait your turn, but it's not acceptable to treat your brother that way. I know you can wait your turn." (Grace, truth, grace.) Thinking chair (new name for time out chair). As they get older, gain or lose privileges.

Courageous Protection -> Book of James - Everyone is being spiritually formed. We can't just trust ratings. We have to be on top of things! Be aware.

God has chosen me specifically to be the mentor for Lila.

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ellenbo said...

my friend cathy's niece (jenna) has a thinking chair and here's one of her exchanges w/cathy--
cathy: what's that chair?
jenna: it's my thinking chair.
cathy: what do you do there?
jenna: i think.

...who can beat 2 year old brevity?