Mommy Rant

Lila has been a Big-Flying-Turd-Monkey today! She would appear to be teething again, as evidenced by her snotty nose and frequent bouts of rabid defiance. I'll be very glad when she has all of her teeth.

Doug has finally given in to peer pressure and gotten himeself a cell phone. We have been sharing one since we got married and it usually sat at home on an end table. Doug always referred to it as "Angela's phone" and we really only used it for long distance calls. However, now that we've taken on this Community Leader position, he feels it would be better if he were more easily accessible.

So, we now have two shiny new cell phones (my old one got replaced too because it was nearly dead). Lila is obsessed with them. She loves phones of all kinds, but especially cell phones. As soon as she spotted my new one, she picked it up, and for 24 hours it only left her hands when I pried it from them. And she kept doing things like accessing the Internet! I now keep it safely hidden in my purse.

That's another thing. I carry a purse now. I got sick of carrying an ugly diaper bag around when the only thing we really need to have with us anymore is a diaper and some wipes. So I went out this weekend and got myself a cute purse that's big enough to hold those things and my other goodies. It's a bit larger than I imagined, but it's much trendier than a diaper bag. I got it at TJ Maxx, so it was a good deal too!

I might as well just plaster a big sign on my butt that says "MOMMY". I drive a station wagon. I have a cell phone with a little kitty charm hanging from it on a pink cord. I carry a purse that's as wide as I am. I say things like, "Mommy needs to go potty!" - even when I'm not talking to my toddler. And my idea of a good time is being able to carry on a complete conversation without interrupting myself twice per sentence to tell Lila to stop tormenting the cats.

Motherhood sure feels a lot like insanity sometimes. It's a good thing I enjoy it!

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michele said...

wow - that last paragraph is a winner. I love the "carry a purse as wide as me" comment. You are too cute. :0)~ Hope today is better teething wise. Its amazing how loud cranky kids can be.