I had to fly Lila's bedtime routine solo tonight and we just finished up. Sadly, I'll be flying solo Monday through Friday of next week as well. Tonight it was just because Doug is at small group (we have to take turns now that it no longer meets at our house). Next week it will be because Doug is on a business trip to Seattle. We originally thought that Lila and I would go with him and we'd make a family vacation of it.

Unfortunately, Dell waited so long to approve Doug's travel request that it was too late to make arrangements for all of us. I mean, we still could have gone, but it would have been pretty expensive. Last minute reservations, plus the fact that we'd be traveling on Memorial Day weekend - no thanks! Now we are talking about going to visit my grandparents in Colorado instead. We'll go in July or August when it's yucky hot here and we're beginning to wonder (as we do every year at that time) why it is that we live in Texas.

But for next week, it's going to be the Lila and Mommy show while Daddy is gone. I'm sure we'll survive, and probably even have fun, but I may be completely grey and wrinkled by the time it's over.

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