I have a headache right now that has me feeling much like Cordy looks in this photo. I think it would be helped greatly by laying down and closing my eyes for 10 minutes, which I plan on doing as soon as I am through here. Lila is watching a video, so I should be able to grab 10 minutes' worth of uninterrupted relaxation. [i hope!] Since I don't feel much like thinking, I will give you my final bit of journaling from the women's retreat. These were my notes from the session on Grace...

C.S. Lewis - What's unique about Christianity? Grace. Ephesians 2 - No one is seeking God, etc. Apart from Jesus, we are children of the devil. We all, by nature, are children of wrath. 2:4 -> BUT. God rescues us from the domain of darkness. Sometimes being saved by God is painful, but we are thankful now. God has so much to offer. Paul was not looking for God; God was looking for Paul. Grace looks like God coming after us. We are God's poem - his expression of Himself. God loved us in spite of us. God loves humility. God wanted to rescue us in such a way that only He would get the glory. That is why it is so grievous to the Lord when Christians are arrogant.

Sometimes the church looks like a bunch of brats. All I have is Christ. God loves a heart that boasts in Him. Even the good works that we do are a gift from God. Love changes us. God has prepared good things for each of us. God gave us the 10 Commandments because He didn't want us to destroy ourselves. It is God-like to be a mom. When you do the very earthy things of everyday life, that is worship. We should be the most humble & loving people on the planet. We have been freed to help others be free. We need to be generous because the heart of God is generous.

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