The Melting Pot

So, I really don't recommend going to a fondue restaurant with a toddler. Lila does great in normal restaurants, but this was very different. There was no room for her to be running around, there was a tempting vat of liquified food on the table that we wouldn't let her touch (without careful supervision), and we were there for a very long time. I don't know what I was thinking when I picked this place!

Still, we did have fun about half the time. When she was actively playing with cheese (see photo) or eating fruit, she was completely happy and well-behaved. The other half of the time... well, we did at least half a dozen time-outs and I almost cried at one point. Like I said, don't go to a fondue restaurant with a toddler. But do go to one by yourself because the food was wonderful!

The funniest thing: We got ready and left the house, drove about 1/3 of the way there, and Doug said, "Oops! We didn't put shoes on her!" What's this 'we' business? You put her in the car! Oh well, she's a baby, so she can get away with it. She did, at least, have socks on. After we left the restaurant, we took her to an indoor playground to run off some of that pent up energy (and chocolate fondue).

Okay, Women's Retreat time again. This was something that I felt God saying directly to me during one of my prayer times and then an explanation I wrote so I would remember it later...

"Be joyful, my child, for I have given you blessings beyond compare."

They are not beyond compare because they are better than everyone else's. They are beyond compare because they shouldn't be compared. They are my unique blessings.

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