It's a rough life, being a Hedgie.

Hurley got his first real bath tonight. His cage had gotten really stinky last week and I thought it was his old bed, which definitely had a funk, so I tossed that and he's now sleeping in a tube (like a giant toilet paper roll). However, within a couple of days, his cage was a-stinkin' again. Now I'm guessing it's maybe the hedgie himself. He does (or did, rather) have doodie stuck to his feet and I'm sure his belly wasn't quite sterile.

So, into the sink he went this evening. It was not the highlight of his young life. In fact, he respectfully requested that I not ever do that to him again. Bad news for him is that I'm going to wait a week or so and do it again, but with pet shampoo. He's got very clean feets now, but he still smells kinda funny. That in no way detracts from his unstoppable cuteness though, as you can see in the photo.

Here's the second installment of "What I learned at the Women's Retreat"...

How would you define freedom?
Being able to choose for yourself the path that you take. Having an identity that is not dependant on other people.

List three things/circumstances/relationships/trials you would like to be free from today.
1. depression
2. insecurity/anger
3. money

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