Teeth and Needles

I think I mentioned here before that Cordy had to stay at the vet overnight for a tooth cleaning about a month ago. It turned out that she also had to have three teeth extracted at the same time. She was a pretty pitiful sight for several hours after she came home. She would just lay in the floor like a lump, glassy-eyed from the anesthesia. Within 36 hours, she was acting like nothing had ever happened, but she was on a soft food diet for a week.

Well, Cordy had her follow-up with the vet yesterday and I'm pleased to report that her mouth healed up fine. After just a month, though, she already had some gingivitis. Looks like she'll have to have yearly cleanings now and I'm going to guess that she will lose more teeth at some point in the future. It's odd how some cats, like Cordy, are more prone to that problem, while others, like Charlie (who is twice her age and has never had a problem), are not.

Oh, I went for my second acupuncture session yesterday and it was lovely. Even Dave, the acupuncturist, was surprised by how nasty and dark my bruises had been (i showed him the photo on my blog). They are more yellowish now, but still very visible. Given that they hadn't completely healed, he didn't do anymore cupping. I was slightly disappointed because it sure did feel good the first time!

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Is that a little scowl I see Miss Lila Bean?????

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