Cheesy Chickens

I think I've mentioned this before, but Lila is a nutjob. The most recent evidence took place today at lunch. The three of us went to Cheddar's for brunch/lunch after church. We tried to find people to go with us, but without success. Anyway, we got seated and placed our order, but we were all really hungry and Lila was getting restless. So, I tracked down our waiter and asked for an order of chips and queso. And that's pretty much all Lila had for lunch. Oh well.

We all worked on the chips until our meal came and then we moved Lila into her highchair (she had been in the booth beside doug) and positioned the chips and bowl of queso right in front of her to keep her happy until we could cut up and cool off some other food. Whatever! The only thing she would consent to eat was some corn. We tried convincing her to eat some chicken by telling her she could dip that in the queso. So she picked up a piece of chicken, dipped it, sucked the queso off, and then deposited the chicken back onto her plate. Oh well.

None of that is the funny part though - it's what she was doing with the chips while we were eating our other food. It took us a while to notice this, but she was taking a chip, dipping it, taking one or two bites off of it (just enough to get all the cheese), then putting the rest of the chip on her plate and getting a new one. By the time we figured out what she was doing, she had a whole stack of chips on her plate with one or two bites taken out of them. And, of course, there was no convincing her that she could dip the chip back in the queso and then eat the entire thing. Again I say, oh well.

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Lila's Mammaw said...

Obsessed with cheese . . . hmm . . . who does this remind you of?