Lila had her first swim lesson yesterday and it went great! We were running late, so we got there just in time to do a quick change into our swim suits and jump into the water. I'm hoping to get there early enough to take our time and watch the other kids in the pool next week. Anyway, I think Lila only whined a little bit when we first got into the pool because she wasn't sure about the whole thing.

Once the class got going though, she loved it! We sang songs and practiced kicking and "jumped" in from the side of the pool... She spent most of the time we were there with her mouth hanging open, just taking it all in. She seemed to really like jumping into the water though (we didn't get our faces wet yesterday - that comes next week), and when the class was over she asked for more!

Doug was at small group last night, so I was the one to give Lila her bath and put her to bed. I decided to see just how much of an impression the class made by asking her to do a couple of things in the bath. First I asked her if she wanted to lay on her belly and practice kicking like we did at swim class. That got a very sly little, "yes!" and onto her belly she went! She's not quite grasping the concept of kicking yet, but she has only had one lesson.

Even more surprising was when I asked her if she wanted to practice "floating" on her back like she did at swim class. This too got a "yes" and she let me lay her down on her back. I supported her for a minute and then slowly relaxed until she was really laying on the bottom of the tub and my hand was just under her neck for reassurance. There was no floating going on (becuase there was not enough water), but the fact that she was okay with half her head being in the water was great! She had both ears under the water and didn't seem to care and I was able to wash her hair without a lot of drama! Hooray! I still had to keep her face dry while doing it, but that was much easier to do since she was content to lay on her back.

I'll let you know how it goes next week when we get our faces wet. 'Cause, you know, water on the face might as well be acid, as far as Lila is concerned.

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Lila's Mammaw said...

Go Lila! I am so proud of you! I feel the same way about water on my face. I wouldn't put my face under the shower spray until just a few years ago. Another of my many phobias.