Daddy Insanity

My sweet little girl loves her Daddy a LOT. And in the past week-and-a-half, since he's been on vacation, she has said his name approximately 3 million times... per day. Yesterday, I went in to get her up from a nap and she greeted me with a smile and, "Mama." And then she craned her head to look out the bedroom door and said, "Daddy?" That's how it is anytime he's around. Mommy's alright, but Daddy's the best! I don't really mind. Much.

I'm a bit scared of what Thursday is going to be like. That's when Doug goes back to work and Lila and I return to our normal life. The Daddy Show will be over. Will she be able to stand it? Will the Mommy Show be enough for her all day or will it propel her into screaming insanity? For everyone's sake, I hope I'm able to keep her sufficiently entertained/distracted all day. She has enough new toys to keep a whole army of children entertained and I have some new tricks up my sleeve. We'll do just fine, obviously, but it might be a tumultuous couple of days.

Angela's Shameful Confession of the Day: Yesterday, I bought Season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer at Half-Price Books. And I'm giddy.

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