Kitties are Cute

Hmm... I think it's time to talk about something besides Lila... How about kitties? I think Cordy fell off the bed this morning. She was laying near the edge, grooming herself when I looked at her. I closed my eyes (this was before i got up) and the next thing I knew, I heard and felt her leave the bed and hit the floor rather ungracefully. This was followed, a second later, by a very irritated-sounding, "Tschew!" [that's a kitty sneeze, for those who don't know]

I love our kitties and how different they are. For example, if Charlie had fallen off the edge of the bed, (a) I would not have been surprised, and (b) he would have acted like he did it on purpose. He is not the most graceful cat, thanks to his large size and nerve damage. So it is not uncommon to see him do things like attempt to jump onto a windowsill and miss. It's quite funny, but he handles the embarrassment like he does everything else - he pretends he did it on purpose and then ignores us until we stop laughing and go away.

Cordelia, on the other hand, has a very high opinion of herself. (what cat doesn't, right?) She is far more graceful than Charlie and when she does do ungainly things, like fall off the bed, she gets very embarrassed and defensive. How, you may ask, can you tell if a cat is feeling defensive? Well, that's a silly question and I'm going to assume that you are a dog person and ignore you. [interesting. charlie and i seem to have a lot in common.]


P.S. - For those of you (grandmothers) who only read this blog to get updates on Lila, I am including a photo. This was taken last night as she lounged on the couch with her milk and watched her daily video. Yes, she is licking the phone.

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