What is it about toddlers that as soon as they are old enough to say the word 'baby' they become obsessed with them? It's like suddenly babies are the coolest things in the world and they have no idea that they are still babies themselves. For example, Lila was totally in love with Olivia while we were there for Christmas. Olivia is only six months younger than Lila, but apparently that's enough to qualify her as a baby.

Now, two months ago, when we were all at Grammie and Papa Joe's house, the two girls had no interest in each other. If anything, they were suspicious of one another. There is a very funny photo from that weekend where they are in the same chair and you can tell they are sizing each other up. Anyway, that was two months ago.

This time, Lila wanted Olivia in her sights at all times. As soon as she'd wake up from a nap, the first word out of her mouth would be, "Baby?" She hugged and kissed Olivia and even gave her a bite of food one time. That's not to say that she was totally without jealousy. You should have seen her when Olivia tried to touch one of her Christmas presents. Lila threw her arm out to push Olivia away and said, "OUT!"

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