It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

We've been slowly decorating around here and things are starting to look quite festive. Doug fluffed up our tree and put the lights on it. It currently only has two ornaments, but that's because we're just doing a bit at a time. It will be overflowing with Snoopies by the time we're done with it. I put up one of our nativity sets last night (one that was put together by doug's grandfather).

And, for the first time, we're putting lights up outside! Doug and Lila went out to by outdoor lights on Sunday and ended up at Ikea. However, after that detour, they did get some lights and those are slowly being put up as well. What you see in this picture is Lila testing the new lights by decorating herself with them. And those are some fantastically cute leggings from Cradle Couture that she's wearing. She totally digs the lights ("Ligh'! Ligh'! Ligh'!") and so far we have some on the front and back porches. I'm not sure what Doug plans on doing with the rest of them.

My goal is to get the rest of the decorations put in their places by Wendesday evening because we're having a Small Group Christmas Party here that evening. :)

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