Cradle Couture

Doug, Lila, and I took a day trip to San Antonio on Saturday to visit my cousin Meredith's new baby boutique! It's called Cradle Couture and the website is http://www.cradlecouture.com if you're interested in checking it out. I just heard from Meredith and she said the website would be up and running in time for Christmas orders. She has the coolest (and cutest) things there! Everything you see on Lila in this photos (except for the ponytail holders) came from Cradle Couture. Isn't it just painfully cute?!?

I was so stressed out that morning and kept getting irritated with Doug and Lila over the stupidest things! During the drive, Doug and I got to talk about it for a while and I realized that I've just been overwhelmed lately. I have been trying to do too much during the day and when I added Christmas preparations on top of my normal responsibilities, it was too much! I was beginning to feel like I only did things because I "had" to and I was starting to rebel and take it out on everyone else.

Just realizing what was bothering me really helped! I made it a point for the rest of the weekend to do only things that I wanted to do. I still got things done though because I'd taken the pressure off of myself to do it all at once. I got our Christmas newsletters folded, stuffed, and stamped. I got a bit of cleaning done, and I helped Doug with a little Christmas decorating. Of course, I also spent some time watching 'America's Next Top Model' on TV, but overall I'm feeling much more motivated to DO MY JOB! :)

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michele said...

the kid is adorable!!