Lila's Crash Bang Christmas

My poor child has gotten hurt so many times in the past week! The photo that you see here is her with a fat lip. That was from falling and busting her lip on one of Olivia's walking toys - twice! Her lip bled both times and it was very sad! She was sick and very puny all day yesterday and this morning. She felt better by this afternoon, but went back to injuring herself.

This evening, she and I were playing on my bed and she decided to get down. She knows how to get down by herself, but it's a long way to the floor. Usually she'll ask for "Down" and/or we'll help her on her way. This time, I wasn't paying attention and she decided to get off the bed herself. I turned and glanced at her just in time to see her disappear off the side of the bed. I don't think it really hurt, but it was a bumpy and altogether ungraceful exit.

The saddest, and yet funniest, thing that happened to her today took place at Rooms-To-Go (where we were shopping for new sofas). She and I were sitting on this big round chair that spins - very cool! We cuddled up and Doug spun us around several times. I got tired of it and staggered off to sit on another sofa, but Lila stayed behind. Doug reached over to spin her again and noticed too late that she was sitting a bit close to the edge. She lost her balance and got spun right off the edge of the chair and into the floor... in front of half a dozen employees. Thankfully, she landed on her back and not her head. It was funny and sad and embarassing all at the same time.

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