Over It

Sorry for the past few days' silence. I've been sick. Yucky! I guess Lila brought home a stomach virus of some kind because Doug and I were both having stomach issues on Wednesday night. I actually ended up vomiting, which never happens! Thankfully, Doug was feeling better by morning, but I was not. I never threw up again, but I continued to be... unwell.

My wonderful husband was kind enough to stay home and take care of Lila yesterday so that I could lay in bed and sleep for an obsenely long time. I'm still a bit queasy today, but feeling much much better. All of this nausea has brought to mind how awful I felt during the first few months of my pregnancy with Lila. Thanks to this, I have entirely recovered from my odd desire to be pregnant again. I never thought I'd be grateful for a stomach virus!

Lila has been very volatile for the past few days -- launching into a screaming fit whenever the least thing does not go her way, which is often -- but does not seem to be sick, thankfully. I'm glad she hasn't thrown up or anything, but how is it fair that she picks up a bug and Doug and I are the ones to get sick?!? (i suppose one of us could have been the germ magnets, but we are a family of strong immune systems, so who knows - we chose to blame it on group child care.)

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