Let me explain why this photo is amusing. Charlie was laying on the couch, innocently napping his life away. Cordy was wandering around the house, desperate for some attention. Since I did not give her what she wanted, she decided to make Charlie pay attention to her. Usually, when she gets in his face, he'll start grooming her and this is what she was hoping for.

This time, however, she jumped up onto the couch and got in his face and he ignored her. Since he wouldn't pay attention to her, she decided to snuggle up to him and run him out of his spot - another one of her famous techniques. She knows that he will quickly get hot and leave if she snuggles up to him. So, this time she snuggled and all he did was bury his face in her side and keep sleeping.

What you see in this picture is Charlie, still sleeping, and Cordelia pouting. Just another person in this house who does not understand her or give her the respect she deserves. [sigh]

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