Chopsticks and Rocket Launchers

This is a photo of Lila eating baby food with a chopstick. We were all having lunch together and Mommy and Daddy were using chopsticks. So, naturally, she wanted to do the same. She actually had much more success than you might think, but got tired of it after a while and went back to her spoon. Silly girl!

I was planning on one of my surprise late movies again last night, but ended up staying home. I looked at which movie I'd be seeing before I left, which was a mistake. It was one I'd never heard of and I wasn't that excited about it. Now, it might have been a very funny movie, but since I was skeptical, I chickened out. We ended up watching the last half of 'Commando' instead. That was really quite fun though because it's a terrible movie and we had a blast making fun of it. There's not much dialogue, so Doug and I filled in our own - complete with bad Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions.

We then stayed up later than Doug really wanted to because we got sucked into watching 'Carrie'. I decided that I'm definitely a better mother than Margaret White.

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