Monday Monday

Well, Lila handled her Daddy's absence on Thursday and Friday very well. I was quite pleasantly surprised. However, she's pulling the freakout routine this morning. Right now, she's sitting in the floor, screaming because I won't pick her up. The problem is, she won't be any happier if I do pick her up. I was carrying her around earlier and she was just grunting and pointing me in the direction of various things she can't do right now (like go outside, where it's only 39 degrees and i'm still in my jammies), then getting hostile when I told her no. We've had the Use-Your-Words-Please "discussion" many times already. Naptime may have to come a little early this morning...

At least we had a good weekend. There was enough going on to keep us from being bored, but not enough to make us feel busy. The only bummer was not being able to find a babysitter so that we could go to a friend's birthday party on Saturday night. I always dread trying to find a babysitter. We have some very generous friends who cheerfully babysit for us and we are so grateful! The problem is that everyone seems to schedule parties for the same night. At least half of our babysitting list already had a party to go to themselves on Saturday. It's nutty!

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