Snow Day

Cold cold cold. Ice ice ice. Stuck at home. Blah!

Doug, Lila, and I have been (mostly) home bound for the past couple of days and it's driving me nuts! I had lunch plans yesterday and lots of plans today, which all had to be rescheduled. The three of us did venture out to nearby restaurants for lunch both days, just to get out of the house. Lila and I both get restless if we have to stay home all day.

The fun part was that Lila got to see her first snow today. She likes looking at it through the windows and keeps saying, "'nowing. 'nowing. 'nowing." It is very cute. Before lunch, the three of us got all bundled up and walked over to the park by our house. Lila thought it was pretty cool at first, but after about 5 minutes she decided that it was a little too cool. I don't think she liked having the cold bits hitting her face (it was more like sleet than snow at that point).

The kitties are just confused because Doug has been home for four days in a row and all of the blinds in the house are closed. Cordy was making mad runs around the house earlier to express her displeasure at not being able to see outside.

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Grandmere Mimi said...

Sounds like Lila has inherited her Mammaw's "love" of cold weather.