Lila's Busy Day

What I didn't get to tell you yesterday, because I ran out of time, was how helpful Lila was while we were getting our new living room furniture set up. She wanted nothing more than to help her Daddy assemble the new end tables, as you can see in this photo. Unforunately, her idea of helping involved climbing and generally getting in the way, which led to repeated relocations by Doug.

When she finally got tired of being turned away from that task, she moved on to exploring the area behind the sofas that had previously been inaccessible. I had already moved the bowls of cat food from the floor onto a low table, but I was much mistaken if I thought that would somehow keep Lila away from them. She promptly found the food bowls and then spilled Charlie's food all over the floor.

I got out the vacuum, cleaned up the mess, and left the room with the bowls, in search of a new home for them. While I was out of the room, Lila moved on to playing with the jar of pens that had been set on the windowsill. Playing with the pens was fine, but playing with the ceramic jar (in the shape of Woodstock's head) -- not so much. While I was out of the room and Doug was occupied with the end tables, she dropped the jar on the floor where it broke. I thought Doug was going to cry.

After getting the vacuum out again and cleaning up the shards of ceramic, we decided to just keep it handy for the rest of the day.

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