Crazy in the Head

Behold this photo of my little prodigy, writing her own name! . . . Okay, maybe not. But that's certainly the way it looks, isn't it? What you are actually viewing is Lila's decoration of her name, which I had written on the paper earlier in the day.

Today has been another tumultuous one for us. For example, I just asked Lila if she was hungry (naptime is soon, so i want to give her a snack now) and she said, with delight in her face, "Nih-nih?" That's 'dinner' - her generic word for any meal. I said, "Let's go have a snack!" She obviously approved of this idea because she followed me into the kitchen saying, "'nack! 'nack! 'nack!"

When we got there, I asked her if she wanted a cereal bar. She just grinned and chuckled. I wanted to make sure this was really what she wanted, so I kept asking until she said, "Bar bar bar?" (that's 'cereal bar') Great! I pulled out the bar and started to open it. She scowled and said, "No." "You don't want the cereal bar?" I asked. When I started to put it back in the pantry, she looked even more distressed and reached for it.

I unwrapped the bar, and handed it to her. She held it in her hand, pointed at the refrigerator, and started saying, "Nih-nih? Nih-nih? Nih-nih?" When I told her that it was not time for dinner, but she could have the cereal bar and some milk, she disolved into tears. Not willing to participate in the theatrics, I left the room. So now she is wandering aimlessly around the kitchen, wailing.

This is the way it's been for most of the day. No wonder we all think our mothers are crazy. They are! And we're the ones who made them that way!


irene peeler said...

Lila, tell your wonderful Mom that you are not yet a person to reason with - yet, :o) You do look quite adorable in front of your easel writing on a bery BIG piece of paper for such a little girl....love and kiss from Grammie

Grandmere Mimi said...

I tried to think of something "adviserly" to say but all I could think of was: Mwhahahahaha! If you need to know how to pronounce this call & I will do so for you.