TEX is going away!!! Nooooooooooo... (if you didn't go to UT or at least work there - my apologies. this will mean nothing to you) I have such memories of TEX. He made me happy. He made me cry. "The class you have requested," [pregnant pause] - will he say, "has been added" or "is full"? Alas, TEX will be laid to rest on July 15th at 5 p.m. In the words of William Livingston (the voice of TEX), "An era has passed."

Now all the registration and grade checking, etc. will take place on the Internet. The Internet just thinks it's *so* cool... It's a bit uppity, if you ask me! I suppose there are those who thought the same of TEX when he replaced the standing-in-line-for-hours method of registering, but he was the one for me!

"This is the Texas Enrollment Exchange for The University of Texas at Austin. ... Goodbye and Good Luck!" [sniff]


Your Mo-ther said...

You are weird!

michele said...

yes. it is quite sad. what's happening to UT?! TEX leaving, Pres. Faulkner leaving, my boss leaving... i am staying ... atleast until my new boss finds out that I am a punk. :0)