I'm 31 weeks pregnant now. That means we have about 9 weeks left to go. That's a single-digit number. And that's a little freaky.

Lila should weigh just over three pounds now and be a bit more than 16 inches long. That may not sound like a lot, but try having three pounds sitting headfirst on your bladder all the time! She moves a lot now, as she has for a couple of weeks. Thankfully she's not so active that I can't sleep, but sometimes she does move so suddenly and forcefully that I actually make some audible noise because it startles me.

I still really like it when she moves because it helps me know that she's healthy in there. I always worry if she hasn't moved for a while. I've been having a few normal "practice contractions", but they aren't painful. They aren't even uncomfortable - it just feels tight.

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