For those who haven't already heard I'm doing alright, but it's been an "exciting" week. On Monday afternoon, I started bleeding a little bit so I called the doctor's office. She said to come on in, so I did and Doug met me there. I didn't seem to be in preterm labor, but she couldn't figure out why I was bleeding and my blood pressure was a bit high. So, to be safe, she sent me to Labor & Delivery to be monitored overnight.

By the time I got admitted and into my room at the hospital, the bleeding was already stopping and my blood pressure quickly came back down. They hooked me up to a monitor and for the next 12ish hours the baby was quite active and looked totally fine. All my labs came back normal and I seemed to be okay, so the doctor sent me home yesterday morning. I see her again on Friday and am on bedrest until then (at least). Who knows... :)

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