We're at 32 weeks now and it's getting awfully snug in there! Lila should weigh almost 4 pounds and be almost 17 inches long. The average woman should be gaining a pound per week now, but I've been gaining two per week. My doctor is still saying not to worry about it though. Hopefully only a normal amount of that is going to the baby and she's not working on being huge! I really don't know where all the weight is going!

Baby should gain one-third to one-half her birth weight in the next seven weeks as she fattens up for life outside the womb. That just seems crazy after the tiny gains in size she's made over the past 32 weeks! Thankfully, my body hasn't been hurting too much lately, despite my growing belly. If I sit in one position too long, my back and or tailbone may start to hurt, but not as bad as a month or two ago. :)

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