Well, I'm feeling better now than I was earlier, but this still goes down as one of my worst days ever. It wasn't my fault that I hit this animal (i never saw more than a flash out of the corner of my eye), but I still feel like a criminal. I'm praying for its human family to be comforted as they grieve their loss. :(


Anonymous said...

Angela - I am very sorry that happened. That is really sad. I will pray for you and the family of the animal. Are you feeling any better today? Try to keep yourself calm - for your health and the health of the baby (advice my mom gives preg. people :0)

Anonymous said...

I have some idea how you are feeling. As odd as it may sound there are some days I have a difficult time driving to work because I keep thinking about the animals that have been hit on the roads. I think I may need to mention this to my doctor . . .

Though it's not much comfort I know that you would have done anything you could to have avoided it.


jenni said...

i'm so sorry angela.
i'll say a prayer for you and the family.