For this week's pregnancy update: I'm now at 33 weeks and seems to be going well since I was released from bed rest. Lila should weigh a little over 4 lbs now and be about 17.2 inches long. I have this fear that she's getting huge in there, but hopefully she's just right on track! She should be filling out and losing the wrinkly, alien look that babies have for much of their time in the womb.

Also, her bones are hardening. That is, with the exception of her skull, which will stay soft until after birth. And the woman who has to squeeze her through the birth canal says, "Thank you!" I am definitely waddling now and my belly has gotten wider. It's very round and seems to be taking over the rest of my body! Sleeping is getting less comfortable, but it's not so bad that it's keeping me awake.

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