It is stinking *hot* outside! As in 104 degrees hot! I met a friend for lunch today and then ran a few errands afterward. I thought I was going to melt out there, so I checked the temperature when I stopped by the house to drop off a load of groceries. 104 degrees!!! I will not be going back out to finish my errands at this time. Instead, I watered the plants with ice cubes and closed all the blinds in the house.

One of the errands I ran was to Babies R Us. I was really there because we needed a new filter for our humidifier, but I went ahead and finished off our registry while I was there. The only thing we hadn't registered for was a changing table pad (we wanted to wait and see what kind of changing table we ended up getting) and covers. It took all of about 3 minutes and that was mostly spent waddling to and from the back of the store where they're located. Now we're really REALLY done. :)

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