It's a short week and it's already halfway over! (almost) It's odd how some days/weeks seem to drag by while others seem to fly. Doug and I need to get a pediatrician chosen soon. I guess it's something that we have decided on a pediatrician over a family doctor, but we need to pick a specific person. Like, before the baby is born.

If you live in Austin and have a pediatrician that you like, let me know. There's one that we've met and are considering and I like her well enough to choose her (after all, if i start taking the baby to her and decide she's not a good fit, then we can always change our mind). However, Doug wants to shop around a bit more. It's our classic personality difference. I describe it this way: I look for a *good* deal. Doug looks for the *best* deal. It can be challenging. :)

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