Well, I had my doctor's appointment on Wednesday and it was nothing *major*, but it was a more exciting appointment than usual. We got verification that Lila, as I suspected, has turned breech. Troublemaker! :) Given the fact that I have a funky uterus, they can't turn her manually. So I'll be trying some odd things to get her to turn back on her own before it gets too tight in there (like laying in bizarre positions and burning a root near my toe).

If she's still breech in the next couple of weeks, then they'll go ahead and schedule me for a c-section, just to "reserve my spot". If she turns back to head-down before that date comes, then great! Also, as of now, I am up to weekly visits. I'm not due for five more weeks, but I'll be officially full-term in just a couple of weeks - crazy!!!

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Sharon said...

OK, I'll be praying that Lila turns for you.... but, you have to give more information! Burning a root near your toe?!?!?