I'm 36 weeks pregnant now! Can you believe that? On Saturday, baby and I will be considered full term! That doesn't mean there's much chance that she'll be born anytime soon, but if she were she wouldn't be considered early! However you look at it, I'll be giving birth very soon! The anticipation is maddening. We won't be going anywhere out of town from this point on. Actually, I don't anticipate us leaving town again before Thanksgiving!

And it might be quite some time before I set foot on an airplane again. That doesn't bother me though because I don't like flying. Things are quite busy for both of us, but more so for Doug. He's trying to get things wrapped up at work in preparation for being gone for three weeks and during the evenings/weekends we're trying to get things ready here at home, and we were supposed to figure out how to install our car seat this weekend - oops!

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