I'm 37 weeks pregnant now - only three weeks to go! Give or take... My pregnancy is now considered full term and Lila probably weighs a little over 6 lbs and is just over 19 inches long. That's based on average baby development - don't know what's *really* going on in there! I'm noticing some changes in my body near the end of pregnancy. Some things we just won't talk about.

I'm really not having many (hardly any) Braxton Hicks or "practice" contractions. Even though I know better mentally, I have this paranoid fear that my bag of waters will break while I'm in the shower and I won't know it. That is statistically VERY unlikely though. Having your water break as the first sign of labor only happens in about 15% of women and even if I'm one of them, what are the chances that it would happen in the 10 minutes I'm standing in the shower?


Darlene said...

awwww awaiting news of her arival real soon. Congradulations for making it through without loosing your mind lol Miss ya. D

Anonymous said...

One more bit of pregnancy info: My water didn't break on it's own. I started having minor pains and that was my first sign. The doctor actually did it himself once I got to the hospital.


Anonymous said...

Hey, this is Anne. No matter where you are if your water broke you would definitely know. It is quite a gush and very warm so even if you were in the shower I think it would be a noticeable sensation. And if you started leaking, well, you would continue to do that out of the shower so you'd know. Cute belly pics!