I was telling Doug yesterday that last week - heck, even a few days ago - I could truly imagine us with a baby. It seemed real and I could picture (to some extent) taking care of it and how life would be different. Now it's gone back to being this vague concept that I can't quite comprehend. I *know* there's something alive inside my body and that it will come out eventually and we'll bring it home. But, a baby...?

Sometimes it feels like there's just too much you need tok now to care for a newborn. I know we need to prepare as much as we can ahead of time. I have the number for a lactation consultant if we have problems breastfeeding. I feel like we should make sure we have plenty of food in the house, but how can I do that when we don't even know when the baby will come? I'm at least glad we took the Bradley class!

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