I'm 38 weeks pregnant now and my due date is coming up soon! Lila's just waiting for the right time to be born. Her lungs and brain are developed enough for her to function now but will continue to mature right into childhood. By my estimations, her arm and leg muscles are very well developed too! I plan on taking it easy for the next couple of weeks. I mean, I have a lot to do, but there's no point in stressing/wearing myself out.

This may be my last opportunity to relax for a long time! I only wish Doug had more time to relax too. I can't imagine how different this will be when I already have a child to think about and make arrangements for. Of course, at this point, I don't ever want to be pregnant again! But I know that in a couple of years pregnancy/childbirth amnesia will have set in and we'll be planning on another one...

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midnightscribe said...

HIS blessings on you & baby
i am sitting here looking at the last picture taken of me & my baby; she just turned 26 & is taller than i am!
i hesitate to give advice because i do not like to be given advice so instead here are some suggestions from my memory box: play in the sand with her, giggle thru happy meals at McD's, snuggle under the covers with a flashlight & read Dr. Seuss in various voices, on those rainy days build a tent using the dining room chairs & a quilt then have a picnic there (something you & her have made together-let her make the sandwiches-can be interesting!) teach her to give by taking small uniquely wrapped gifts to a nursing home, make sure to get a mold of her hand while it is still smaller than yours, be sure to bury the song "Jesus loves me" deep in her soul, when she is ready to talk to you or wants to play a silly game stop the world & do it! post her art work EVERYWHERE! look hard for the uniqness & talents & gifts that Father God has planted in her & encourage them to bloom & finally pray much over that child! a child can be your brightest best star! i miss my little girl with braided hair & in a sunny yellow play suit made my mom but i am proud of the young woman she has become! praying strength for the hours ahead